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"I've done so much self reflecting lately, and as much as it kills me to over think, it's also helped me a lot as well. Nothing protects your heart like patience... As in don't get your hopes up too fast, don't give your doubts too much time and don't let your fears speak too loud. And also not everyone is built to handle the tough times, so you can't be surprised when you fall off with certain people. Few people understand what it truly means to be "there" for somebody. And that's the roughest part about being on this crazy journey of life, you realize the main ones that said they'll be the first ones to ride are the first to fall off. People make promises when the sun is shining and make excuses when the storm comes. That's why I'm thankful for the rain because it washes away the the unnecessary in my life. The reality is that you could be a number of things like : amazing, genuine and sincere BUT you'll still be overlooked. Because honestly, with everything I've been through, I don'
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reflecting kills helped lot protects heart patience hopes fast give doubts time fears speak loud built handle tough times surprised understand means roughest part crazy journey realize main ride fall people promises sun shining excuses storm thankful rain washes unnecessary life reality number amazing genuine sincere overlooked honestly don

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