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I walking for my dreams yet ..recently I met a guy we did faced each other on a same "road for getting dreams".and he was moving towards me .when he was walking opposite to me I asked sir why u coming back what happend ..he answered me..with sad face ..man I left my dreams alone there bcoz a great personality have wrote a quote that if one door is closed then anothers are there in your life u just have to watch and accept them..then he laughed at me ..and gone from there. I took that moment with smile and moved then I heard something and I move back...he was saying me hey you ..look you are my past ...I was you ..same road...... now its on you ...you could be the .one who can prove this quote wrong.....take care ...god blessssss you man...
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met guy faced moving walking asked sir coming happend answered sad face left dreams bcoz great personality wrote door closed anothers life watch accept laughed moment smile moved heard move hey road prove wrong care god blessssss man

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