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I wanna leave I wanna go somewhere I don't want to be here I hate this I want just to disapear Thats all that goes through my mind when I am just feeling worthless Not being able to do something so simple as you ask of me I wanna scream and cry at the same time I wanna just disapear and then I want to be alone Just scream until I feel like I cant scream anymore Until blood drips from my mouth where all the words that I want to scream are trying to come out all at ones I want to scratch the words onto my skin On my arms Legs eyelids I want everyone to be able to see what I am feeling All the emotions that going through me at once Every little thing thats just making want to die to have some peace and come back to make sure that no one is missing this worthless person My skin itches with the sensation of me digging my nails into my skin Carving every letter one by one until my whole arms is filled with all the words and emotions that are going through me right now I want to see all the f
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leave hate mind simple cry time wanna disapear feel anymore blood drips mouth scream scratch legs eyelids feeling making die peace missing worthless person itches sensation digging nails skin carving letter arms filled words emotions

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