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I want to include in that poem of mine about the entrappers, three races I was thinking about but due to abridgement of characters I left them out, that is the Italians, the White Americans & the Philippians! I guess it would be right to include certain specific Spanish groups as Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Mexican Americans/Mexicans living or from America, & even Jamaicans, but I would be forced to include everyone! & I haven't readily discerned a whole lot from some of the races not included or included in this Message! With that said, I want to talk about something I hadn't really spoke on though I realized it many years ago & have since heard others point it out, and that is, many people who are succeeding through this so-called humility thing is not necessarily succeeding because they're being humble to God, the perfect true complete manifestation, awareness or realization of God, but because they are being humble in the deceptive, weak, wimpy system of man! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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