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I want to tell you something:when I first saw you tensed,keeping your love within yourself and you passed by,I thought of loving you and so I wrote my first love quote.After sometime,when you smiled at me secretly,I decided,that you are the one for me and so, I gave my everything to you and lost almost everything.I had gone through so much pressure and tension,only because of you.And I still loved you.Yes,I still love You,and I will love you because I know that I will keep up my promise.But I will never allow you to use me for any other reason any more.You are so selfish,that you use me,only when you need me.Do you know how atrocious and heart breaking it is?You say you'd never judge me,and you judge me on my unsteady mind and create all the arguments.Moreover,You scold me for no reason,when I did no mistakes.You were the only one whom I believed,but you broke everything when you said that words "I am acting" which made me lose all my respect on you. I'm sorry,but you can't take me for
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tensed keeping passed thought loving wrote smiled secretly decided gave lost pressure tension loved love promise selfish atrocious heart breaking judge unsteady mind create arguments scold reason mistakes believed broke words acting lose respect

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Kruthika on January 1, 2018, 2:36 am
for granted.Do not underestimate a woman!
Africaman on January 29, 2018, 2:01 pm
There's nothing like underestimate a woman remember love is forgiveness....

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