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I washed my car yesterday but it feels like today because I never went to sleep yet! It's really clean! & I also washed my clothes & folded them! & towels & things like that too! & the bed sheets & pillow sheets & protectors! & also my ass & penis & body/body parts & mouth & things like that! You should have seen me & joined me! but I guess it wasn't fate! oh, I know it wasn't fate! It's late now! to some people it is early & to some it's early & late! & to some it's neither early/late! I also suspected Saturday that J.J./Jeri, neighbor no. 5, was inspecting/looking obsessively at my car because it was dirty due to all the pollen &/dirt &/grass &/dust! I had just washed it & rarely drove it but being outside it got dirty fast, like in a day & then with rain & the dirties it got even more dirty but now it is clean! I think her & her family were pleasured by the fact it was dirty/covered with all that stuff because they're jealous! And maybe they took pictures.... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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yesterday feels today sleep clothes folded towels bed pillow sheets protectors ass penis body parts mouth joined guess fate people early late suspected saturday jeri neighbor inspecting obsessively car due pollen dirt grass dust washed rarely drove fast day rain dirties clean family pleasured fact dirty covered stuff jealous pictures joshua aaron guillory

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