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I will tell you an uncomfortable truth. The education that you gain does not assure you a job. Learning the forces and natures of the world will never make up for the years of experiance a girl just from highschool going into a job and not college will have. She knows how to do her job. She has work ethic, and while you sat there wiping the sweat from your brow from a test. She Wiped her face cause Oil slothed her face. The difference is the Oil Reeks of Experiance, and you do not. Do not think the years of Autotech College will ever outpace her efforts in repairing motorcycles. You may know the proper technique, but hers gets it done just as well and faster.
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uncomfortable truth education gain assure learning forces natures world girl highschool job work ethic sat wiping sweat brow test wiped slothed face difference oil reeks experiance years autotech college outpace efforts repairing motorcycles proper technique faster

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