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If change is moving us apart, I am then inclined to question the foundation. If love is an ancestor of insecurities, I am then inclined to pursue a different love which embraces trust. If fear and intimidation is a weapon of choice, I am then inclined to surrender what we have. If a punching bag has gradually taken a human form, then I am inclined to put you in a correctional facility your behavior needs to be revised and rewired. If you believe that your money surpassed my values, then I am inclined to prove you wrong. If my position is compromised and undermined as a woman, then I am inclined to fire you and expose you for what you are because no women will ever deserve a primitive and barbaric and backward nigga. If the value of a woman to you is reduced and equated to house furniture and a kitchen auto machine, then I am inclined to place you in a loony house, you are buying KFC at McDonalds. If alcohol is your first love and a wife that is never jealous about how many women you ki
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change moving question foundation ancestor insecurities pursue embraces trust fear intimidation weapon choice surrender punching bag gradually human form correctional facility behavior revised rewired money surpassed values prove wrong position compromised undermined fire expose deserve primitive barbaric nigga woman reduced equated furniture kitchen auto machine inclined place loony house buying kfc mcdonalds alcohol love wife jealous women

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