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If most people who claimed to be enlightened would have continued or would continue evolving in the degrees, every person would have a friend, a partner, a mate, a comrade, a helper to go to! But most people haven't really been enlightened in the pure sense of the word. Most of you haven't found that you are the light you've been looking for and that light is within and infinite! You are everywhere at the same time. You don't have to be confined to books, organizations, internet gurus, or terminologies, you just need to know and grow in yourself. I had a friend from high-school who talked the enlightened talk but one day he was honest to me when I questioned had he been serious or dedicated in the enlightenment and he said no. Basically he said, as I already knew, that he hadn't been serious and fully dedicated and that he would go back and forth with the worldly mentality or ignorance of the world and the enlightened! He had put off, in other words! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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