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"If she doesn't give you butterflies, if everytime you're apart she's not on your mind, if the way she smiles doesn't make your heart smile, if her touch isn't your salvation, if her laugh doesn't give you a reason to keep living, if she has seen you at your worst and still stays, if her voice doesn't make you feel at home, if you can't honestly look at her and see she's your heart, if she's not your biggest fan and you're not hers, if you can't find a way to say you love her, if you can't see a life with her... If you can't find a reason that she's worth it, is she?"
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butterflies everytime mind smiles smile touch salvation laugh give living worst stays voice feel home honestly heart biggest fan love life find reason worth

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Iloveass2 on June 10, 2017, 6:23 pm
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