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" If she spends 8 hours a week sitting in a damn chair at a SALON to get a weave done or HER HAIR did.... and she talks about how she doesn't have (time) to WORK OUT at the gym, DUMP HER.... I never could understand how you can invest in somebody else's hair that doesn't belong to you..... but you can't invest in $30 a month to go to THE GYM for your overall health..... What's the point of spending $200 dollars for your hair when the rest of you looks like crap...... That's like a guy putting a $1500 paint job on a $500 car....... IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY GODDAMN SENSE.... "
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spends hours week sitting damn chair salon weave talks time work dump understand belong invest month gym health point spending 200 dollars hair rest crap guy putting 1500 paint job 500 car goddamn sense

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