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“If the phrase 'there are many ways to kill a cat' is a fact; please confirm cancer is on the cat list; there is a moral responsibility for the man in the mirror holding the solution to unveil it, for the sake of Gods creation.” By: Wayne Chirisa
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Iam3sent2see1truth on November 11, 2017, 7:06 pm
"There are many ways to create a cat but the mirror is the man showing lies of black and white when the grey is said to not be of immoral conquest. If man can kill, man can create but deceit is the god of man used to spread to all it's not moral to create life we are not god. Its right!, we are not god(deceit) we are the truth of lasting life not death, that which is the focus of the man in conquest of control." MP
Iam3sent2see1truth on November 11, 2017, 7:07 pm
*moral conquest. Not immoral.
Iam3sent2see1truth on November 11, 2017, 7:48 pm
"Truth is it's immoral to create a tool of death dressed in natural causes. If its natural its of god, if man creates its not god. So in religions truth Its a means of god to destroy what god created, but why? it is of no sense why a god of creation would create and give onto its creations death. Man does so as god then meaning we create tools of destruction in many forms to end what we have created or have not. Why I say there is no why of no existing god to ask why so goes the religious proverb of the wrong in questioning gods way with that goes the truth it leads to. The senseless BLIND thinking to believe it's wrong to question, man knew there created idea of god is flawed in truth so plan a contested proverb to sway human nature not to doubt and question. So shame may control man's nature, So may chaos destroy shame. Shame in question is wrong to teach or preach, to shame question is to shame yourself and human nature." MP

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