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If the world was not Métis and reigned Nazism and racism. You know it would be - it would be a fascist Zoo. Each type of animal in his Valliere. No one crosses the border each other are. All die in terrible agony independence. Without the help of others. But Nazism and racism leads to the mutual hatred between nations and races. You know that it was if it were not mestizos. There would be no diversity in humans. Look at the Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese. Among them, very few Métis. If also be in other countries, if you're a guy that your girlfriend is something to remind you of your mother, or sister, or the girl who broke your heart. If you're a girl that your fiance will be something very much like a father or a brother. Yes, everything would have been at each other very much like the Chinese. Here is what will happen to the world. There will be a variety of people in the world. Everything will be very typified, in the facial features of people. Mestizo - this is diversity. New type
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