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“If there’s onething I could say that I’ve achieved in this life is, the state of ecstasy I get when I am alone with my SELF in silence, which none of the pleasures in this world can replace, it’s a place where neither fear nor pain will touch, where no mind or thought can enter, a state beyond life and death, where there's no religions or laws, where duality ends between slave and God, where neither fear of hell nor desire for heaven, where oneness ties the lover and beloved, an adamant state of bliss to move nowhere. It doesn’t concern me, when worldly responsibilities pull me down to physical conscious, as long as I am thorough with my way back home” - Feroz Khan Lamir
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onething achieved ecstasy silence pleasures world replace place pain touch mind thought enter life death religions laws duality ends slave god fear hell desire heaven oneness ties lover beloved adamant state bliss move doesn concern worldly responsibilities pull physical conscious long home feroz khan lamir

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