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If you aint ready to feel pains,you can't gain,nothing good comes out easily,even bad things don't just happen easily,it takes stress and labour.,...let take stealing as an example....if you wanna steal something and you don't want to be caught,you have to use your brain to set the plan,your eyes for vigilantee,your legs to move and your hands to carry whatever you wanna steal....without a pain you can't gain anything... For more inspirational quotes and write ups,follow me on '' INSTAGRAM'' @iamjikings,''TWITTER'' @Iamjikings,''FACEBOOK'' @anuoluwapo adeshina osundeyi
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aint ready feel pains good bad happen easily takes stress labour stealing caught brain set plan eyes vigilantee legs move hands carry wanna steal pain gain inspirational quotes write ups follow instagram twitter iamjikings facebook anuoluwapo adeshina osundeyi

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