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If you allow something, in that thought, and you feel or know you're supposed to stop it, you're responsible [or held responsible] even if you're not supposed to stop it or feel you're not supposed to stop it! In relation to that particular thing, whatever it is, or incident, you're responsible good or bad, at peace or guilty! Your perception and belief and what you know to do is right and at the highest level and your intention in relation to the highest level, good, peace, love, happiness, etc.,! You're responsible! When the Pharisees asked Jesus should they pay Caesar what is his or not, Jesus knowing their hearts, their beliefs, their wickedness and or craftiness, said [to them] that they should give unto Caesar what was/is Caesar's and to God what was/is God's! He knew they believed in their minds or hearts that they were supposed to give to the two what was of the two! or in their minds for the two! He knew their thought or what thought they were in! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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held feel stop incident bad guilty perception belief intention relation highest level good peace love happiness responsible pharisees asked pay jesus knowing beliefs wickedness craftiness caesar god believed hearts supposed give minds knew thought joshua aaron guillory

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