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If you do evil and you continue doing evil - that is, you're constantly trying to destroy good people because your life sucks - you must accept the consequences! you must be willing to accept death and even horrific death, not saying it's going to happen, but you have to be willing to accept it! You must realize the law of karma, what you sow, you reap! It may not always be a gunshot wound, a crushing your skull in with fists, someone raping you until your asshole is worn out, but it may be a sickness, cancer, agony, loss of ones you love and being affected by it! And you have to be willing to endure the judgment or punishment of social media, too! If you get exposed before the whole world because you didn't realize the person you were messing with was really and truly powerful beyond your measure, whose fault is that? is it yours? is it fate's? is it choice? is it coincidence? Well, me personally, I don't do evil to no one! I only bring justice! Peace! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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continue constantly destroy good people life sucks consequences horrific death happen accept law karma sow reap gunshot wound crushing skull fists raping asshole worn sickness cancer agony loss love affected endure judgment punishment social media exposed world realize person messing powerful measure fault fate choice coincidence personally evil bring justice peace joshua aaron guillory

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