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If you preach the Truth in your church, and lovingly refuse to compromise, two things are going to happen. First, everyone who wants the Truth will respond. Second, everyone who doesn’t want the Truth will eventually leave. But what you will end up with is a group of people who want the Truth! This is the ONLY way to solve the problem. But if you are a pastor, they will probably fire you before you can get very far with this. And if you are an ordinary member, those in charge probably won’t listen. And if you are in leadership on another level, you will meet much opposition. Why? Because again – if you begin to preach the Truth, members and money are going to be affected. And you will quickly discover that the leadership has prioritized members and money relative to the Truth. Sadly, in most places especially in our generation the members and money are the most important, they have become so important that the people making them the most important don’t even realize most of the time ho
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