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If you're afraid someone will take you down from your paradise, you're afraid. Whether you think you're better than someone or not, if you reject them, you're afraid. Fear is fear. You're a bitch! Everybody has bitch in them. I've never known or met a man or woman who wasn't a bitch. Your protectiveness is bitchliness. Next time you look in the mirror you should say to yourself, ''I'm a bitch.'' And if you're not, eagerly jump into fire. And ask God for eternal reincarnation where you're able to forever jump into fire. Men rebel against oppression and suffering not just because their strong but because they're a bitch. They can't take suffering no more. To be really hardcore is to want war and pain forever and ever. To want release from it, is weakness. But weakness is strength. Your bitchliness or femininity is your strength. Embrace the bitch in you. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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paradise reject afraid fear met man woman protectiveness time mirror eagerly god eternal reincarnation jump fire men rebel oppression strong suffering hardcore war pain release weakness bitchliness femininity strength embrace bitch joshua aaron guillory

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