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If you want to know yourself go into solitude. Then you can see all the nonsense in others. And I am one of the only one's who has fully done it. Nobody will ever make me think or make me feel obligated to people whose only intention is to use me or destroy me. We only know ourselves. But since we are all alike to some degree we can know all others. Joshua Aaron Guillory is taking over the world. It's nothing anybody can do. Everybody is basically a laughing stock. When people are trying to compete with you, it's a sign you're getting to them. Or, in my case, if someone is getting to me, I correct them like I did Borah Turby. Like you may have viewed in my last poem. This thing is easy. Life is a snail ride. Move at your own pace. Do what you want to do. And also move like a cheetah when you feel like it. And strike like a lion. People will learn. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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solitude nonsense fully obligated intention destroy alike degree world basically laughing stock compete sign case correct borah turby viewed poem easy life snail ride pace move cheetah feel strike lion people learn joshua aaron guillory

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