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IM MEDICATED If u just met me.    You would think I'm medicated. If u see me walking about,  know that I see u, I've seen u. Same o person...One.... two many three times is not a charm. Soon you'll regret me, but please don't forget me. Free you'll become, from the same o blue song, cuz the stranger u just met showed u a new song. You may think I'm medicated, OK, but you'll soon see, my medicine has made u free. I'm the reason I'm the lesson I'm your mistake to see the real the real that is what u deserve. I'm OK it's my gift I'm Im 'm so numb, I do without so other's won't be medicated. Medicated and numb. If u just met me you would think I'm medicated! You would think I'm medicated, OK, I'm medicated for you! Dose by dose you need me more I'm now your medication, I'm now your yelling statement, yelling statement of a slip n need for my medicated love. I'm only good in dose don't ever let it be more then recommended, I'm here to show you what is real, its a cold turkey feel, of fear n
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walking person times charm regret forget blue cuz stranger showed song medicine free reason lesson mistake deserve gift numb met medication yelling statement slip medicated love good dose recommended show real cold turkey feel fear

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