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Impregnated Iman With Vim Taqwa Oh! cap of time my brother, who patting the niht never slit my day, your bonus of faith at a peak of Islam, He knot one rope to Allah like throat, Who bond business to zenith in faith, All feet wondering in market night in thought who are you? Could they know you're the rugg of truth? thou are feet unity like beat, Hug of family in ocular, Argon spark in darkness, thou shalt sujud to Allah like last! seek bliss like Prophet in deed, for whip of tick tock is hidden to man, impregnated iman with vim Taqwa.
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cap time brother patting niht slit day bonus peak islam knot rope throat bond business zenith faith wondering market night thought rugg truth feet unity beat hug family ocular argon spark darkness thou shalt sujud allah seek bliss prophet deed whip tick tock hidden man impregnated iman vim taqwa

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