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In Hebrew the word for bad is ''ra'''. Ra' can mean ''one who spoils or tries to ruin''; ''to look down on''; ''to try to knock someone down to lift yourself up''; ''favored'' or ''to accept being favored or respected over another''; ''to be in a state of lack'' or ''wretchedness''; ''calamity or misfortune.'' So what is bad? The bad things that happen to you! The bad things you accept! The bad things you do! The bad things you intend! The bad things you feel! The bad things you think! But some of these things are the very remedy for the bad in some degrees! which means that the highest good would be all of us just loving and accepting one another; thinking good about one another; helping and perfecting one another and the lifestyle or condition of one another. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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hebrew word spoils ruin knock lift favored respected state lack wretchedness calamity misfortune happen accept intend feel remedy bad degrees means highest loving accepting thinking good helping perfecting lifestyle condition joshua aaron guillory

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