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In the history or fable story of the gospel Jesus was rewarded with heaven or world peace and the Pharisees or religious men of his day were karmalized with the destruction of the Jewish temple! Why should I worry about my enemies [or what they do to me or attempt to] when my end and now is world peace! I shall reap the good of what they've sown and the world shall reap the good I've sown and me! Their works shall be my reward and my works shall be their reward and me! my reward and me! I or world peace shall be lifted up above all men and in men as they too will be lifted up in its glory! They shall be under the authority of world peace and they themselves shall be world peace! Nothing greater, nothing less than, but equal to world peace! So let it be, as it will! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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history fable story gospel jesus rewarded heaven pharisees religious day karmalized destruction jewish temple worry enemies attempt reap good sown works reward men lifted glory authority greater equal world peace joshua aaron guillory

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