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Instinct generates the hypothesis, the hypothesis turns into an idea, the idea becomes paronoyey, paronoyya becomes fear. Beast, once generated by our mind. Mysterious, semi blurred silhouette of a man living in our souls, which comes from the sleeves illusions gas that fills the entire space in the hall of mirrors fantasy. Constantly changing it reality where apparently the way out of his body, comes a huge number of monsters, penetrating deep into the mirror from time to time going back to its creator. Clutching his hand, he squeezes our heart, making it difficult to breath, suppressing our willpower. Holding in his hands a bunch of defects, deeply inhaling their scent, he understands all the subtleties of our nature, realizing the extent to which we are not perfect in fact. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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instinct generates hypothesis turns idea paronoyey paronoyya fear beast generated mind mysterious semi blurred silhouette man living souls sleeves illusions gas fills entire space hall mirrors fantasy constantly changing reality apparently body huge number monsters penetrating deep mirror time creator clutching hand squeezes heart making difficult breath suppressing willpower holding hands bunch defects deeply inhaling scent understands subtleties nature realizing extent perfect fact author musin almat zhumabekovich

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