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Intention is everything! And when man realizes his intention has been evil he can and will change! Like the movie ''Radio'', Coach Harold Jones realizes it wasn't they who had been teaching Radio, Radio had been teaching them! You will realize and soon enough I have been teaching you the right way! Love it! Embrace it! Accept it! It is the way to peace and is peace! Live in it! Now! Listen to the radio of love! Listen to the radio of peace! Listen to the radio of honesty, joy, and satisfaction! Let wisdom be your guide and let love be the guide of wisdom! Yes! Yes! Yes! Life is beautiful and wonderful and special just like you! Accept you! Accept it! And you will have you and you will have it! How are you feeling? Good! I know and I care! Beware of nothing for nothing can harm you! Peace is your comfort! And comfort is your peace! Let go! Let in! Let now! Be all that you've ever desired to be and more! More is perfect! Perfect is you! Be you! Be now! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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man intention evil change movie coach harold jones realizes realize teaching embrace live listen radio honesty joy satisfaction love guide wisdom life beautiful wonderful special accept feeling good care beware harm comfort peace desired perfect joshua aaron guillory

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