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" Interpretation, and fact.. What is the difference? Hypothetically speaking, imagine that two people are standing in an empty field at night, separated - one quarter of a mile apart. At one end of the field, the person douses himself with gasoline, and sets himself ablaze.. His interpretation beyond a shadow of a doubt will be.. Holy crap! I'm on fire! This would be fact.. However, the person on the opposite side of the field may have the interpretation that he is observing a lit tiki torch. The variable therein, is that a tiki torch does not scream when lit. The fact is, that remains to be a matter of interpretation ." - Klaatu 2014
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difference hypothetically speaking imagine people standing empty night separated quarter mile douses gasoline sets ablaze shadow doubt holy crap fire person side field observing variable tiki torch scream lit fact remains matter interpretation klaatu 2014

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