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Is it my fault that when I tell people the truth about things, they get mad at me? They call me "mean" and tell me "are you happy with yourself now?", but I want to know, is all of this really my fault? I don't like the truth either and the burden of carrying the truth is too much, but someone has to. Everything hurts so much...someone please kill me...nobody understands at all...is it really my fault?
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people mad call happy burden carrying truth hurts kill understands fault

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Jimmycucchiara on May 16, 2018, 8:43 pm
Try to tell them in a better way, but always being positive; Remember that if you're negative inside that will appear outside and influence your ambience and the people around you negatively. Life's short and not worth being lived unhappily. Life's a gift we need to exploit, we should be happy only for being alive, what would be the point otherwise? Also, sometimes lies for a good purpose can be said.

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