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Is Not Wrong my people? Is not wrong for a father to fool a house while the pocket full of money? And is not right if nights go in hungry And there is no coins in his pocket? World is naked from fire a teacher says, And the pupils' rags turn to be the world, A wind is walking around a corner, Oh! no the wind is hungry a pope says, It is not a lie for a paper to tear down a wind? Oh! no we must all answer my people, And they must be questioned by public, What goes out of the day is darkness, And darkness rustle up and mauls all goats, Is not wrong if darkness is dragging our day? what if am wrong ask the police, what if am wrong ask the judges of shadow, Aah! when future are dying, we are staring, You call them future and fool youngs, Is not bad if state is walking in shadow? Once you say, in the next sec you're in jail, Once you ask, your life is threat, What goes up it that of age, What is galloping on my heart corruption, And yet they say it is a change, It is not wrong when rodents
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father house full money nights coins pocket naked fire teacher pupils rags turn world corner hungry pope lie paper tear wind answer people questioned public rustle mauls goats darkness dragging day police judges aah dying staring call future fool youngs bad state walking shadow sec jail life threat age galloping heart corruption change wrong rodents

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