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Is World Peace an infinite chess board or chess boards within the legal chess board. Is world peace a game within a game? Is world peace a dream within a dream? Is world peace a dream within a game or game within a dream? Or game within games? You decide or I decide!? What is your perspective or perception? What do you see, feel, know, taste, or experience? What do you hear? What do you want to be? What are you! What is your end goal? Do you have a goal? Are you a goal? Are you fate, choice or luck? Can fate be choice or luck? Is it fun me whooping you or what you perceive to be me whooping you? Are we on the same team? Are you whooping me? Am I Atlas holding you up, which is my victory? Am I world peace!? - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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infinite boards legal chess board dream game games decide perspective perception feel taste experience hear goal fate choice luck fun perceive team whooping atlas holding victory world peace joshua aaron guillory

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