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"It’s never too late to Make A Difference To be anything you want to be, To go all out to the clutches of life, And face it with the iota of gut and grace To tell failure in the face you can succeed Despite the challenges, difficulties and Penury of life. Tell yourself you are born to win, born to loose The terror of opposition and poverty from the very existence of humanity, Remind yourself you are better than your yesterday and No matter the injustice, pains, tribulations and rejection, You will never give up on your destiny You will break the records of history and Lighten up the darkness in the veins of the oppress. In the end, with great tenacity and faith, God Will always be behind you and everything you touch Will create impact and add value to the world at large. You are a Champion!"
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late difference clutches iota gut grace failure face succeed challenges difficulties penury life win born loose terror opposition poverty existence humanity remind yesterday matter injustice pains tribulations rejection give destiny break records history lighten darkness veins oppress great tenacity faith god touch create impact add world large champion

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