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"It's not about the money, nor fame. Relationships, or games. The books, the song's. The cellphones, the bong's. Power, anger, sadness. The tear's dry, the emotions cry out. This is me, and I'm trying to find the way out. Give me you're hand, shine me a light, strengthen my sole. please, do something so I can find my way back home. Lord, promise me one thing. you'll let thou remember me, who once remembered how thou shalt not pressure once drugs of the devil's heart. Upon the dirt I shall be, threw the clouds I shall see, but once I'm gone, the one's who forget, I shall seek."
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money fame relationships games books song cellphones bong power anger sadness tear dry emotions cry give hand shine light strengthen sole find home lord promise remember remembered thou shalt pressure drugs devil heart dirt threw clouds forget seek

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