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It's not life necessarily, it's people! The excuse or generalization is life! But really the thing that angers perfect souls who have reached the perfect bliss is stupid, devilish people! It's religious organizations that keep the nonsense alive that we always will have evil! You can talk to a religious person from many of the mainstream religious organizations and instead of them dealing with the real people that are sick they will try to find some way to blame you or make it appear as if it's you who need the help, all the while evil demons of society are free to run wild and destructively! Most human beings are suicidal maniacs! They're trying to kill themselves and you along with them! They want hate, murder, death, sickness, revenge as their primary focus! The good people are saying leave me alone, I've already found my peace! You're going to have to find yours, you little devils or satans! you antichrists! You who fight against the unity or perfection. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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necessarily excuse generalization life angers souls reached perfect bliss stupid devilish nonsense alive talk person mainstream religious organizations dealing real sick blame evil demons society free run wild destructively human beings suicidal maniacs kill hate murder death sickness revenge primary focus good people leave peace find devils satans antichrists fight unity perfection joshua aaron guillory

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