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Its mad because when I'm out I think about food its like,hm that tuna sandwich was lush at dinner today,I realy enjoyed that red chili I had for tea..I'm so hungry,mm kayleigh that looks nice...no good I'm starving me...what time is it?...can we go to the toppys?am starven me...foood....imagine what we would do without food teri?...wonder what me mams made for is when a get in....I'm starven me....I love food me....is anyone else hungry or just me?....mmm this square propper goes down well....I'm still hungry me...could just eat one of irenes sunday dinners....foods lush isn't it....I'm starving me....so glad its 10 past 10 I'm starving me....I'm so hungry....can't wait to get in am starven me...only have to walk through the door and have something to eat....mam am starven me.....mm this is lush this what will a have next???*goes to bed* could just eat some food....I'm starving me
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mad tuna sandwich dinner today realy enjoyed red chili tea kayleigh nice good time toppys foood imagine teri mams love mmm square propper irenes sunday dinners foods glad hungry wait walk door mam starven lush bed eat food starving

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