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Ive come to realise that life is like going to a bookshop. In a bookshop you have loads of books; some books you buy based on reviews, you walk past other books because its cover or title doesnt appeal to you & other books you buy purely on coincidence which often occurs from taking a moment to read the blurb. Human behaivour is the same, at times we judge people based on other peoples opinions, often times we dismiss people based on their apprearance and other times we tend to conclude or judge people based on a moment of coincidental interaction. Never judge its not your place to do so, take time to know a person and try to walk a mile in their shoes to understand them, lastly live life and be happy because ultimately not everyone who looks at your book cover is going to find it appealing - Phumlani Mathebula
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ive realise bookshop loads reviews title doesnt appeal books buy purely coincidence occurs read blurb human behaivour peoples opinions dismiss apprearance times tend conclude people based moment coincidental interaction judge place time person walk mile shoes understand lastly live life happy ultimately book cover find appealing phumlani mathebula

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