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[Jesus over Judas 2/3] And Jesus resurrected world peace unto the world! And thus the Quran was right, it was not Jesus but Judas that really died! Jesus as myself have won with world peace! Judas thought that by handing Jesus over that the ''overness'' of that gave him superiority! But in reality Judas was helping, as demons or devils, to build the temple of truth unto the world as apart of the predetermined or preordained script! And Judas really handed himself over unto death! As it would lead to his suicide and Jesus' victory! Same with the Pharisees with the shaking and quaking of their temple and delusional power even unto its ruin!.... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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resurrected quran died won peace thought handing overness gave superiority reality helping demons devils build truth world predetermined preordained script judas handed death lead suicide jesus victory pharisees shaking quaking temple delusional power ruin joshua aaron guillory

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