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Jesus was smart because he collected his disciples, his friends, his family, his group, or his team, those who he knew & trusted that would help in the building of world peace/heaven in the minds or on earth, & in many ways whom he could trust & or trust to do it, including Judas, before going out & taking everybody along with him, those who agreed to the message! & would agree to the message! & also for protection sake! This quote/poem just like my one on Judas I thought of earlier today [in regards to submitting it] but there were things that I done & reasons why I submitted it much later! & even Jesus did so many miracles & good deeds, I'm pretty sure before, but definitely after he structured or put his team together! & they were led by the spirit in one mind! Even when division came they who had been called & chosen were still together! it's easy to tell my team! Those who agree to the mission of world peace! All of you & all of you at some time or another! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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