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Josh and Misty Conversations (19 of 22) And innocence can also be ''no sense'', meaning you're free of all blame for not knowing or not having yet experienced as the manifested experiencer of God or as God! or a god or god-creature! Or Not no sense! Meaning you have sense! Or innocence is no not sense! It's not about sense or senses it's about nothingness! Or not having did nothing! nothing bad or nothing at all! Which can be a form of guiltiness for not doing anything! But guil, the stem or first part of the word, possibly, and can be a suffix, means, as related to the Hebrew transliterated word ''guwl'', joyful, rejoice, glad, delight, etc., even ''fear''! The fire of emotion! or passion or pathos!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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josh misty conversations free blame knowing experienced manifested experiencer god creature meaning innocence sense senses nothingness bad form guiltiness guil stem part possibly suffix means related hebrew transliterated word guwl joyful rejoice glad delight fear fire emotion passion pathos joshua aaron guillory

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