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Josh, Frank and Anna Conversations (3 of 14) Frank: I know! it's like you explained, Josh, with birthdays, or anniversaries and telling people that you're going to tell them to have an happy one! It's up to them to right or accept that! You're in their thought so if you say I'm going to tell you have a Happy Anniversary or Happy Birthday, you did! In their thought where they always hear or receive it! And in their heart! So-called human languages as people perceive them is not the only way of communicating! Feelings, emotions are too! Inner reflection of the thought! We exist in each other's thought in truth! Anna: Yeah! And in our world or truth eternity exists! All time is related and interconnected on many and all levels, to some degree! in every degree! Saying I love you today is the same as saying I love you tomorrow! It's for me to accept that truth in my heart everyday for it to be real! because it is! but my great experience of it is relative! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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