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Joshua and Zana Conversations (1 of 41) (04/03/2018) Zana: Hey, Josh! Josh: Hey, Zana! Zana: I'm doing great! Life is great! Josh: Likewise! Zana: It will always be great because I'm great! Josh: I love you and your words! Zana: I am my words! Josh: Perfect unity! Zana: Perfect you and me, Josh! I'm always in unity! Josh: Perfect you and I, Zana, we're always in unity! Zana: Give me a kiss, Josh! Josh: Sure! muuuuaaah! [we kiss] Zana: I love kissing you! Josh: I love kissing you, too! Zana: It's amazing how far the mind can travel! Josh: The mind is infinite and so are you! Zana: Agreed! You, too! Josh: I was watching the movie ''Hacker'' and it was amazing how I predicted that ''Kira'' was still alive although she had been reported dead! [Or knew she was still alive] Zana: That's intelligent! Brilliant! Genius!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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