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Joshua and Zana Conversations (15 of 41) Josh: I was in a store yesterday and I was at the register doing the so-called purchasing items thing! Using my free money [as] always! As I am a sovereign and everything is! A sovereign lord in truth! I was waiting peacefully in the line just as when I left, and while I was waiting and viewing my item or items [the reason I say item or items, it was one thing to so-called buy but it consisted of many things] and the cashier was somewhere away or what looked like away or over at some aisle or in hiding [ha-ha] and then she came and I said basically the following, ''hey, how are you doing today''! And she said [basically] in response or afterwards ''how did you know I was coming?'' And I basically said, ''I always know''! And she asked me as well afterwards, ''how long was I going to stand there before anybody came?'' And I basically said something along the lines of ''three days''!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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zana conversations josh store yesterday register purchasing free money sovereign lord truth peacefully line left waiting viewing reason item items called buy consisted cashier looked aisle hiding hey today response coming asked long stand basically lines days joshua aaron guillory

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