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Joshua and Zana Conversations (20 of 41) I do wish for her love and that she loves but you know what I mean! or do you? ha-ha! And what's also interesting, other than the fact that I am eating free from that place right now in my mind, some ice cream to be exact, is that the word ''chain'', which she used, is related to the Sanskrit ''channa'' which means ''covered, hidden, secret, in a low voice, privately, or secretly''! And that is what she was doing is revealing the secrets of how she felt about life, her self, her situation, and her so-called beliefs or laws on things/of things! She was bound and wanting to bind!.... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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zana conversations love loves interesting fact eating free place mind ice cream exact word chain related sanskrit channa means covered hidden secret voice privately secretly revealing secrets felt life situation called beliefs laws bound wanting bind joshua aaron guillory

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