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Joshua and Zana Conversations (21 of 41) The word ''chanda'', which is related to ''chain'' also and ''channa'', means ''will, alluring, inviting, delight, appetite, desire, appearance, look, according to the wish of, or involuntarily,''! This is [or was] things she displayed and i could tell by the look on her face and [yes] on her words [ha-ha]! She had an appetite or desire to be delighted in trying to make me think or think in herself that i would be affected by the binds [in a bad way so-called, or so-thought, that is!] In other words she was trying to trap me into slavery, which didn't work! Any chains would have been in the sexual activity with me and her in love, as she was displaying some dominatrix shit with this too! Even and or if subliminal!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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zana conversations word chanda related chain channa means alluring inviting delight appearance involuntarily displayed face appetite desire delighted affected binds bad called thought words trap slavery work chains sexual activity love displaying dominatrix shit subliminal joshua aaron guillory

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