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Joshua and Zana Conversations (25 of 41) In the book of demonology or the words or logic or conversation or thought with or of demons or their names or characters or meanings or purposes that the word ''Chansi'' or the demon ''Chansi'', who is a ruler and servant of the day [which this happened during the so-called day time] to His [or Her] King, ''Barmiel'', is related to the word ''chain''! And you can see the word ''Bar'' in Barmiel! Chains, bars, or bars and chains, or just chain, ha-ha! [or bar as mentioned] Barmiel, according to Michelle Belanger, is ''the first and chief spirit named in the hierarchy of Caspiel...'' and ''...is an essentially good-natured demon, inclined to obey those with the knowledge to command Him!'' Aren't we all that last part and even the first to some degree!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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