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Joshua and Zana Conversations (26 of 41) She, the White woman or girl, I was referring to is a good-natured possesser/possessor or demon or god or goddess [or person] ultimately and even now in many degrees, but she was like many of us looking for someone to ''command'' [her]! with the knowledge wisdom or skill! She was even testing me to see how far I would go with her thought or so-called madness to some! [and in regards to ''command us'', rightly or wisely or goodly command us, when we think or would like commanding, you know what I mean, how to do something right or to do something right - for our betterment in the pure or true sense of the word, thought, or logic, or reason etc..] - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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zana conversations white woman girl referring good natured possesser possessor demon god goddess person ultimately degrees knowledge wisdom skill testing called madness rightly wisely goodly command commanding betterment pure true sense word thought logic reason joshua aaron guillory

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