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Joshua and Zana Conversations (27 of 41) Zana: I see why you referred to her as a girl! The word girl can be arranged to be ''lig'' ''r''! Like a 'legal'' person trying to ''i'' or ''create'' ''r'' or ''control over you'' Trying to be your head or get into your head to ''l'' or ''control'' you! To ''g/lift up'' over you! or ''g/lift up over'' you! & can even form the word ''regal''! rgil! or be related to it! Or even ''r'' ''gil'' or ''guil'' or ''guill''! To be the head or in the head of guil! or guill! This seems crazy for those who aren't enlightened to this or in this! or the true so-called enlightened! & even crazy to some degree to those or for those enlightened, or enlightened in this or for this or of this!...[& she was also suffering from scapegoat syndrome! Trying to look for someone to be her scapegoat from her dissatisfied state with her job & the workforce! the not standing up to her so-called bosses & trying to use me as the scapegoat!etc..] - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations zana referred girl arranged lig legal person create control lift form word regal rgil related gil head guil guill true crazy degree enlightened suffering syndrome dissatisfied state job workforce standing called bosses scapegoat joshua aaron guillory

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