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Joshua and Zana Conversations (29 of 41) She could have been struggling with those who are so-called smaller than her! Dealing with weight issues in some manner, form, or another! And great also means coarse, which can mean ''rude'' or, according to bing/Bing, ''(of a person or their speech) rude, crude, or vulgar.'' And to many degrees according to the custom or policy of store relationship with employee and customer or associate and so-called buyer, or person to person or friend to friend [ha-ha, seriously], she was being rude, or so-called rude! and crude and vulgar, or disrespectful!.... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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zana conversations struggling smaller dealing weight issues manner form great means coarse bing speech degrees custom policy store relationship employee customer associate buyer person friend called rude crude vulgar disrespectful joshua aaron guillory

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