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Joshua and Zana Conversations (30 of 41) Zana: Disrespectful can mean ''not wanting to see your thought again or to be away from your thought again/against it''! [at least for that time or time-thought and sometime after it and or before it] Which in your case would have been ''the being free or happy''! She also probably didn't like that fact that you looked very happy and she looked or appeared to be miserable or not so happy in many ways or degrees in relation to her job! Josh: I agree! And it's great or really good that you are here and listening and talking to me! I love you, Zana! Zana: I love you, [too], Josh! Thanks! my love! You're my love forever! Josh: And you're mine/mines forever! And thanks/thank you!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations disrespectful wanting time thought case free fact looked appeared miserable happy ways degrees relation job agree great good listening talking zana love josh mines joshua aaron guillory

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