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Joshua and Zana Conversations (37 of 41) Josh: And it's funny that I told or how I told that woman that I would stand there for ''three days'' when she said ''how long was I going to stand there''! [or asked?] Because in Hebrew three, or the word three, ''shelosha'', means or can mean ''oftentimes''! As I have stood there often times! Also ''thrice'', ''thirteen'', ''thirteenth'', ''threescore and thirteen'', ''stories'', etc.! And it is also spelled transliteratedly, ''shelowsha'', and ''shalosh'', and ''shalowsh''! and contains the same stem word [or to some degree root] found in the Hebrew word for peace, ''Shalom'', or ''Shalown'', which means or can mean ''peace'', ''well'', ''happy'', ''prosperity'', ''friendly'', ''welfare'', ''safe'', ''health'', ''peaceable'', ''wholly'', ''rest'', etc.! Which is how long I would have stayed there remaining those things! And I always remain in those things!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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