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Joshua and Zana Conversations (39 of 41) Josh: The cute or beautiful woman or girl could have never beat me! I'm just too intelligent in my truth to be whipped by anyone and especially anybody suffering evil thoughts or intentions! World peace is her healing! In the name of Jesus, Or World Peace, I ask [the Lord] to and I know He will heal her! Or She will heal her! She is made whole in the eternalness or eternity of world peace! Zana: Oh! Wow! That is so beautiful and sweet! Josh: Thanks! I know, my love! it is! you are so beautiful and sweet too! Zana: Yoo too! or you two! or u2, likewise!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations cute woman girl beat intelligent truth whipped suffering evil thoughts intentions healing jesus lord heal eternalness eternity world peace wow josh love beautiful sweet zana yoo joshua aaron guillory

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